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ASNT Level III Basic Exam Prep Course ($799)

Our ASNT Level III Basic Exam prep course is designed to prepare you for exam success. Our online program covers in detail the three main components of the ASNT Level III Basic Exam.

These components are SNT-TC-1A / CP-189 comparisons and analysis to understand the various programs that establish the criteria for NDT personnel certification and their differences, materials and processes for NDT technology, and the 11 various methods which are contained in Recommended practice SNT-TC-1A.

Our online ASNT Level III Basic Exam prep course saves you time and money on travel, food and lodging expenses allows you to study at your own pace, focus on the areas you know you need most, and our multiple practice final exams will make sure you know what you need to succeed.

Our ASNT Level III Basic Exam prep course is interactive and engaging. It is an easy to follow and understand format that allows you to study from anywhere you have internet access. Our program is available on mobile devices such as tablets as well.

Our ASNT Level III Basic Exam prep course contains:

  • Reading assignments
  • PowerPoint presentations of key points for each chapter
  • Flashcard question review
  • Practice quizzes
  • Video lectures for NDT math and method demonstrations
  • Multiple practice final exams

Give us a call today and we will get you enrolled and ready for your ASNT Level III Basic Exam!

The following books are required to complete our online ASNT Level III Basic Exam prep course. They may be purchased from or we can ship them to you when you enroll.

  • ASNT Level III Study Guide: Basic, Revised
  • Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A: Personnel Qualification and Certification in Nondestructive Testing 2011
  • ASNT Standard for Qualification & Certification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel, ANSI/ASNT CP-189-2011
  • Materials and Processes for NDT Technology, Second Edition
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