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“From the GE DM5E to the Labino BigBeam Aero, the world is full of incredible devices that you’ve never even heard of. These devices require specialized training to operate, and they’re a little complex. You won’t hear about them outside the industry in which they’re used. But these devices and their operators are unsung heroes. Without them, we would face grave danger in everyday situations.

Believe it or not, this article isn’t about medical devices! Those have been covered elsewhere. We’re looking at test equipment in a different sector: NDT (nondestructive testing). NDT specialists test all sorts of things that we rely on every day, from the lug nuts on our cars to the bridges we drive over. Without NDT specialists and their incredible tools, we might hesitate to board an airplane or buy a house near a railroad track. And while NDT equipment doesn’t eliminate the dangers associated with all these things, it does help NDT specialists to detect flaws in materials before somebody gets killed.”

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