Are you looking for a career that gives you skills that are heavily sought after? Do you want a job that will pay you well for the work that you perform? If so, then you need to look into becoming a certified welding inspector. 

Doing so can give you a fulfilling career where you can issue welding tickets, coach welders on their technique, check welding qualifications, and make sure all safety regulations are being used.

See below for an in-depth guide that highlights a day in the life of a certified welding inspector, as well as what it is, the salary you can expect, and so on.

What Is a Certified Welding Inspector?

Many people are interested in becoming a welder because it’s a job that gives you a particular set of skills and access to a high salary. However, not many welders ever think of what they want to work towards in their careers. Where do they go from there? How else can they use their welding knowledge and experience?

One of the best long-term goals a welder can have is to become a certified welding inspector. As the name would imply, this position requires a high amount of monitoring, analyzing, and inspecting.

In other words: you’ll serve as the accountability for welders. You’ll make sure they’re following safety regulations, performing the correct welding process, and that the results are optimal. 

After each welding job is performed, you’ll inspect it and make note of any repairs that need to be made.

However, a certified welding inspector doesn’t just hang over the shoulder of welders all day. You will also be the go-to guy/gal for supervising the building and welding plans, as well as ordering the proper equipment and materials needed for the welding job. You’ll make sure that all documentation is correct before welders begin their work.

Average Certified Welding Inspector Salary

Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of becoming a welder is the opportunity for you to make a great living for yourself. Many welders make great money in their first year, then the salary continues to rise as they gain more experience.

It isn’t uncommon for welders to make anywhere between $40,000 to $60,000. Keep in mind that, to end up on the upper tier of that range, you’ll need at least 10 years of experience.

So how much do certified welding inspectors make? Many can make as much as $22.34 per hour in their first year. That’s almost $45,000 right out the gate. As you gain experience, companies are happy to pay you around $31.23 per hour, which is $62,460 annually.

Many certified welding inspectors will tell you that they enjoy the position because it:

  • Allows them to take more of a management role in their career
  • Rarely requires them to perform the welding themselves (if ever)
  • Helps them build connections and friendships with the welders they oversee
  • Gives them more control over their career
  • Helps them receive a boost of income over that of a welding position

It’s a tremendous next step for your welding career. Whether you’re currently a welder or are looking to become one through the NDT Training Program, you should have your eyes set on becoming a certified welding inspector one day!

The Benefits of Becoming a Certified Welding Inspector

You’ve undoubtedly noticed a few benefits of being a CWI in this article already. See below for several benefits that you’ll experience if you go this route in your career.

1. Oversee Quality of Production

As previously mentioned, as a CWI, you’ll be the one holding welders accountable. You’re the assurance that your metal fabrication company will have to ensure their clients of a successful welding project.

You’ll oversee the process before, during, and after the welding is performed. Before the weld, you’ll spend time overseeing the documentation of the project. During it, you’ll make sure they’re following the project specs are being followed as intended. After, you’ll check to see if any repairs need to be made.

It’s a position with a lot of responsibility, in the best way. Everyone will be counting on you, that includes the welders you’re overseeing, the company you work for, and their clients.

2. The Opportunity to Learn

Perhaps you have a deep understanding of welding codes and compliance. That isn’t a trait that all welders have, so you should use it to your advantage!

Becoming a CWI allows you to stay up to date with the latest welding codes. You’ll also have the ability to learn new methods for inspecting the heat treatment, weld, and welding code compliance.

People will pay you handsomely for your knowledge. You’ll be the voice of reason for any welding job that’s performed under your watch.

3. Prioritizes Safety

Of course, welding code compliance isn’t the only important aspect of a welding job. There’s also the neverending need to prioritize a safe work environment.

That responsibility will also fall on your shoulders. You’ll be the one monitoring all welders for safe procedures and techniques. You’ll make sure that the work floor is void of any potential risks. 

Lastly, you’ll make sure that your team of welders abide by the health and safety regulations. This is to protect them and all others from a potential workplace incident.

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