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“I sought out and researched all the different NDT schools in the states. I read blogs about peoples experiences with other schools. I outweighed the time they take, the money they cost, the possibility of relocating for nearly a year of school… After multiple phone conversations with Shon [super informative] I decided this school would be the best in allowing me to get the education without any major life changes and continue to support my family.

I was able to continue working and doing my schoolwork at night, in the morning, on the weekends and whenever it was convenient. I was able to attend the 24 day hands on portion when it was most convenient for me also. Throughout the course both online and hands on there was tons of support. There is a wealth of knowledge about NDT at this school.

The instructors worked hard to make sure we were employed before leaving. Every day they would check with us about our situation and help us find the right jobs.

I couldn’t be more pleased about how my time and money was spent going with this program! Thanks again you guys, I really appreciate it!”


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