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Are CWI Online Courses the Right Choice for You?Are you interested in a new career that is rewarding and challenging? If you’ve considered a career as a CWI, then you’re on the right track. 

How do you become a CWI? It’s easy to become a CWI when you can take an online course and go at your own pace.

Check out this guide to see if CWI online courses are right for you.

What Is a CWI?

First of all, CWIs or Certified Welding Inspectors are candidates for jobs all over the world. They are in responsible for the visual inspection and acceptance of welded connections.

For example, they can inspect welds in various industries such as aerospace, pressure vessels, manufacturing, underwater dam repair, refineries and more. 

Those in the industry are willing to pay top dollar for a CWI since they prioritize the quality of their structures. CWIs are in such demand right now that some of them can make up to $100,000 a year. 

CWI Training Courses

CWI online courses can vary in length depending on what type of course-length people candidates are looking for. The purpose of the test is to get students ready to pass the CWI exam.

While each training school is different in their methodology, most of them teach the fundamentals, practicals, and the code-book.


In order to succeed as a CWI, students need to learn the fundamentals. During the fundamentals part of the course, students will learn about metal joining and cutting. They also need to learn about welding symbols and other criteria such as metallurgy. 

Practical Section

During the practical section of the course, students learn how to visually inspect the different types of welding to various industry standards, interpret welding procedure specifications and welder qualification test records. They will also learn how to use welding inspection gauges and properly use them to inspect weld replicas. 

The Code Book

A good CWI knows how to adhere to the codebook. Students will learn how to navigate and interpret welding codes as well as gain insight to the reasons behind certain aspects of code language. 

Taking and Passing the Test

Since CWIs need to ensure the quality of many structures, they need to pass a rigorous exam. They must learn all kinds of codes and complex materials. If they desire to pass this test, they need to put a lot of work into it. 

The American Welding Society offers the CWI certifying exam. This exam is quite complex and up to 70 percent of test takers don’t pass.

Before you take the test, you need to be aware of what awaits you. Expect the test to take about 6 hours. It’s made up of three parts each lasting two hours. 

After you pass the test you will receive your CWI certification.

Take CWI Online Courses Today

Now that you know what to expect while taking CWI online courses, it’s time you make your new career move.

Are you interested in obtaining your CWI? Let American Institute of Nondestructive Testing help you. Contact us for more information.