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Are you looking for a fulfilling career that makes the most of your leadership traits? Has the welding field always intrigued you and make you interested to learn more? If so, you should consider starting the path towards becoming a certified welding inspector.

Understandably, you might have a few questions. What does the certified welding inspector salary look like? What does it take to become one? What are the benefits of becoming a certified welding inspector?

See below for an in-depth guide on what a certified welding inspector does, what the benefits are of becoming one, and so forth. Use these to determine whether it’s the right decision for you!

What Is a Certified Welding Inspector?

First things first, let’s talk about what a certified welding inspector does! With the simplest definition, a certified welding inspector is the quality control of the welding field. They’re the ones that hold professional welders accountable for their work.

They oversee a variety of projects, which can keep things exciting! They work on projects such as new construction buildings, remodels, vehicles, elevators, bridges, metal fixtures, and more.

Certified welding inspectors oversee every aspect of the welding needs behind a project. They’re involved in the planning and production phase.

They monitor the qualification records of the welders that are hired and make sure that all proper materials and equipment are ready for use.

It’s a highly respected position in the construction industry. Contractors depend on you to prevent unforeseen setbacks and mistakes.

What Is the Typical Certified Welding Inspector Salary

The welding field is one of the most well-paid labor jobs in the industry. The certified welding instructor position is no different.

As with any other position, you can expect to make more as a certified welding inspector with more experience than you gain. That said, beginners still start with a tremendous $49,000.

The average typically ranges around $57,000, with the potential to make as much as $66,000. Of course, you might always make more depending on the company, your region’s cost of living, and so forth.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Certified Welding Inspector?

As you can probably tell already, there are many amazing benefits to becoming a certified welding inspector. It’s a rewarding field that offers a constant change of scenery and new challenges. See below for some of the key benefits.

It’s Fulfilling

For those of you that genuinely care about the safety of others and have a knack for paying attention to detail, you’ll love the life of a certified welding inspector.

You’re the security blanket for both the welders, their fellow workers, and future pedestrians that use the facility/structure you’re building. You’ll have a firm understanding of safety procedures and will hold all the welders accountable for following them.

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with any of those safety measures just yet. When you go to get your NDT (nondestructive testing) certification, you’ll gain extensive knowledge of the subject.

Using that knowledge, you can help contractors avoid a lot of setbacks with their welding needs. You will assess their blueprints, then give valuable feedback on what you see based on coding procedures.

Consistent Need

Perhaps you’re looking for a career change due to a shortage in your current position. If so, then that isn’t a problem you’ll have when you’re a certified welding inspector.

They’re in constant demand due to the limited supply of them in the field. Every construction company is looking for accountability and preventative maintenance with their welding needs, and you’re just the person to fill it!

The need for certified welding inspectors continues to grow. The more construction projects there are, the more they’ll need your expertise to assist them. Some CWIs get amazing travel perks from companies that are willing to fly them out.

New Challenges Every Day

You’ll never sit stagnant as a certified welding inspector. As we highlighted earlier, CWIs work on a vast array of projects over the span of their career.

The knowledge and information you learn in your NDT certification will help you with any project that you’re assigned to. You’ll meet new welders, oversee new projects, and constantly learn new tactics and best practices.

Certain jobs become monotonous after you’ve learned everything there is. No two days are the same as a certified welding inspector. You’ll wake up every day with an exciting new challenge awaiting you at your job.

Defined Career Path

Another common complaint of people that are upset with their current jobs is that they lack a definitive career path. They have no room for growth.

A certified welding inspector gives you all the direction that you need. After receiving your NDT certification, you can spend a few years getting experience as a welder before transitioning to your job as a certified welding inspector.

The growth doesn’t stop there! It isn’t uncommon for experienced certified welding inspectors to eventually make the transition to being a superintendent.

Unlike so many other positions, CWIs have full control of their career path. It’s perfect for those of you that fear the life of a career behind a desk.

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