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Did you know?

The CWI exam requires 72% for a passing score on each of its three sections:

  • Part A: Fundamentals,
  • Part B: Practical, and
  • Part C: Code Book.
  • Students who score at least 60%, but below 72% on these three sections will receive a CAWI certification. A Certified Associate Welding Inspector, or CAWI, requires a minimum of two years welding related experience. CAWIs also are not allowed to sign off on paperwork.
  • Upon successfully qualifying and testing to the requirements put forth by the American Welding Society (AWS), the student will receive a National Certification, which will be active for three years.

Included in the course fee each student will receive a comprehensive visual inspection tool kit.

We believe we offer the most comprehensive CWI Exam Prep Course available. Our course will give you the skills and knowledge you will need to take the AWS CWI exam with confidence! Contact us today at 855-313-0325