CWI Part B Hands-on Training The AWS CWI NEW Part B portion of the exam has elevated the difficulty of flaw evaluation and specification interpretation.

Part B 40 Hour Hands-on Training Seminar

Because of this, AINDT offers an onsite 40-hour prep course specifically devoted to the Part B hands-on evaluation of practical weld specimens, WPS/PQR evaluation and interpretation to Part B specific documents used in the CWI Exam.

Included with the training will be a walkthrough of the Book of Specifications to ensure that students have a full understanding of the purpose and usage of this “mock” specification and how it is utilized for the hands-on Part B. Additionally, AINDT has developed our own version of the Book of Exhibits and Weld Replicas which aligns with the CWI Exam.

We will address how the Part B exam is structured and provide ample time examining the weld replicas using the same tools that will be provided by AWS during the exam. Our primary focus will be on measuring and evaluating the weld replicas, however we will also continuously review both Fundamentals and Code requirements to ensure all parts of the CWI body of knowledge is fresh in your head on exam day.

Following the onsite training, you will be provided the opportunity to take the AWS CWI exam at our facility the Saturday immediately following our CWI Exam Prep Course.

CWI Exam Prep Course
CWI Exam Prep Course

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MINNESOTA Part B Hands-on Training Seminar Dates

CWI Exam Prep Course held at Arrowwood Lodge - Baxter, Minnesota

CWI Online Prep Course Recommended Start Dates CWI Prep Course Onsite Dates Exam Date Exam Application & Fee Must be submitted to AWS by: AWS Exam Site Code
Dec. 17, 2018 Jan. 28 - Feb. 1, 2019 Feb. 2, 2019 Dec. 21, 2019 MN62619
Feb. 18, 2019 Apr. 1-5,2019 Apr. 6, 2019 Feb. 22, 2019 MN64019
Apr. 22, 2019 Jun. 3-7, 2019 Jun. 8, 2019 Apr. 26, 2019 MN68519
Aug. 26, 2019 Oct. 7-11, 2019 Oct. 12, 2019 Aug. 30, 2019 MN67419

Houston, Texas Part B Hands-on Training Seminar Dates

CWI Exam Prep Course held at the Houston Marriott North - Houston, Texas

CWI Online Prep Course (Part A & C) Recommended Start Dates CWI Prep Course Onsite (Part B) Dates AWS CWI Exam Date Exam Application & Fee Must be submitted to AWS AWS Exam Site Code Used for Section
Jan. 7, 2019 Feb. 18-22, 2019 Feb. 23, 2019 Jan. 11, 2019 TX63219
Mar. 11, 2019 Apr. 22-26, 2019 Apr. 27, 2019 Mar. 15, 2019 TX64519
May. 6, 2019 Jun. 17-21, 2019 Jun. 22, 2019 May. 10, 2019 TX62019
Jun. 17, 2019 Jul. 29- Aug. 2, 2019 Aug. 3, 2019 Jul. 7, 2019 TX62219

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Our CWI Exam Prep Course can be purchased as a complete package or as individual modules.

A Fundamentals
B Practical
C Code Book

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