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Gap between Supply, Demand of Well-Trained Technicians Drives NDT Training Servicesb2ap3_thumbnail_Bldg-Pic-3_20141031-145455_1.JPG

Source: Quality Magazine, NDT Exclusives, July 8, 2014 

“MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — The biggest growth driver for the non-destructive test (NDT) training services market globally is a lack of qualified technicians. Due to aging infrastructure and vastly publicized industrial disasters and catastrophes, as well as growing investment in new infrastructure projects, demand for new technicians to cater to the needs of the NDT industry has increased incrementally. However, this demand is not being met as there is an evident shortage of technicians.

Although there is a huge demand for trained technicians, growth of NDT training service providers is further being hindered by a lack of quality instructors to impart training courses. Growth and revenue for every NDT training service provider depends on the number of instructors available, since there is a maximum threshold on not only the number of courses an instructor can teach, but also the number of students that can be accommodated in a course without compromising on the quality of the training.

“An instructor should possess two important qualities: in-depth knowledge of NDT fundamentals and good communication skills to express the information to candidates,” said Frost & Sullivan’s Senior Research Analyst Nikhil Jain. “Finding instructors with both qualities is an extremely difficult task for most NDT training service providers.”


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