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Enter the Career of Non-Destructive Testing! Talk to an instructor at the American Institute of Non-Destructive Testing. Why choose AINDT?  

  • Online Training – Our online courses are available on the iPad, iPhone, and Android Devices!
  • Live Daily Online Lectures – Join in our daily instructor led lecture and discussion sessions.
  • Hands On Training – Hands on, practical training using various types of equipment used in RT, UT, MT, PT, and VT methods.
  • Complete Curriculum – Receive a complete set of ASNT Personal Training Publication Student Packages, which include the Classroom Training Book and Student Guide for RT, UT, MT, and PT methods.
  • and much more!

Click here for more reasons a degree from AINDT is the right choice for you. Take the guessing out of your next step after graduation. If you want someone to work closely with you to be hired in a career-minded position that meet your goal, AINDT is the answer. Call an instructor 855-313-0325 for more information.