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Understanding Welding Joint Geometry

Understanding Welding Joint Geometry $99


This short course will provide you with 3 hours of instruction on the various types of welded connections most commonly used in the structural steel industry. Whether you are a welding inspector, building official or engineer this course will help familiarize you with the complexities of welded connections.

Single V, Double V, Flare Bevel, CJP, PJP, Backing Weld or Groove Face. These are all terms that a anyone associated with the welding industry should know like the back of there hand. If not, then this course will teach you. Welding terminology and the variety of welded connections can be very confusing, not only those who are not involved in the welding industry but also those who may have gotten a tad rusty and could use a refresher. Be sure you understand the intricacies of welded connections by enveloping yourself in our weld joint geometry short-course. Module 3 of AINDTs CWI Fundamentals Training.

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