Introduction to Welding Metallurgy

Introduction to Welding Metallurgy ICC Preferred Provider Course #

Introduction to Welding Metallurgy $199


Sometimes the rules laid forth in welding codes either don’t seem very important or make much sense. Why do we preheat? Why are there exposure rules for low-hydrogen electrodes? Why do we have to wait until the weld cools to inspect? These are all very good questions and the answer is, metallurgy. This 6hr course will review several topics including:

  • Steel Making
  • Welding Metallurgy
  • Distortion Control
  • Property Modification.

Metallurgy is a difficult subject to understand. We try to break the knowledge down to help comprehend the complexities that is involved with welding metallurgy. Become familiar with what Alloys are how to calculate carbon equivalency and why we care. Understand why we care about heat input and what effects it has on the welded joint. Ensure you are up to speed on hydrogen embrittlement and how to prevent it. Introduction to Welding Metallurgy is Module 5 of AINDT’s CWI Welding Fundamentals Training.

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