Welding Defects & Discontinuities

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Welding Defects & Discontinuities will showcase the various welding defects that an inspector needs to be able to identify and evaluate to different codes and standards. Additionally, we will discuss common welding gauges used to measure these discontinuities as well as common code requirements. A sample of discontinuities discussed are:

  • Excessive Reinforcement
  • Overlap
  • Undercut
  • Incomplete Fusion
  • Centerline Cracking
  • Hydrogen Cracking
  • Lamellar Tearing

It is fundamental for inspectors, engineers and welders alike to be capable of identifying, evaluating and determining acceptability of the various types of welding discontinuities. It is also paramount that we understand the correct terminology for discontinuities, communication is key in construction and without it, production can grind to a halt. This course is Module 6 of AINDT’s CWI Fundamental Training.

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