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American Institute of NonDestructive Testing 2014 January Graduate Class

Principles Don Booth, CEO, and David Blosser, Corporate Level III, host dinner for graduating class.


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AINDT program will meet the NDT manpower needs in the future

American Institute of Nondestructive Testing 7942 College Road, Suite 105
Baxter, MN 56425 Attn: Donald Booth

Dear Mr. Booth:
I am writing to express support of The American Institute of Nondestructive Testing's nondestructive testing program. The NDT program you have established will help the NDT industry meet its manpower needs in the future. The energy industry in the United States has entered into an unprecedented boom. The United States has found that, within its boundaries, there are plenty of oil and gas reserves untapped to make the US a world leader in oil and gas production. New pipelines have to be put into place. New compressor stations have to be built. Distribution systems have to be installed throughout the country. Liquid natural gas is being transported overseas which will make the US a major exporter. Oil is already being transported overseas . Our firm has run seriously short of trained and certified NDT technicians. Had we had more technicians over these last couple of years, we could have taken on more work. All companies in the NDT business have the same problem.

Our firm specializes in pipeline and related facility NDT. In two years we have doubled in size due to the boom. We are presently establishing new offices in new regions of known gas and oil reserves. Other companies are expanding as well, whether it is in the refinery NDT business, the chemical transportation NDT business, or infrastructure NDT business. We are involved in all of these sectors and many more. There is definitely a shortage of well trained, reliable NDT technicians in all sectors.

While the boom requires new infrastructure to be put into place, the old infrastructure is aging and failing on many fronts. Companies have side stepped the rebuilding of the old infrastructure and concentrated their monies on the new infrastructure . This will not last long. New regulations are being and have been passed requiring the inspection of the old infrastructure on a regular basis. In the pipeline business, that is referred to as the pipeline integrity law. We are deeply involved in this and lack level II technicians with multiple certifications which are required in order to perform these inspections. Nevertheless, the old infrastructure will have to be replaced in the future. Pipelines, bridges, roads, towers, windmills, dams, refineries, storage tanks, airplanes, cars, etc. all require extensive NDT inspection. If you look at what the big investment companies are buying lately, you will see that it is NDT companies. They know that their money is going to_ be_well spent with that investment . Accidents are happening every day like pipeline ruptures, tanks leaking, steam lines exploding, rail cars derailing, and bridges collapsing. Each time one occurs, it reinforces the need for NDT technicians. Make no mistake about it, liability is expensive. Only NDT can assure integrity.

The NDT industry pays well. Our company is signatory to the Operating Engineers and starting pay for an inexperienced trainee with benefits is at 32.68 per hour. A level II makes 52.75 per hour with benefits. Nonunion companies pay less but still pay fairly well. The industry needs qualified NDT technicians everywhere. There is no letup in sight for work in the energy industry and infrastructure rebuilding. We believe in training and that your institute will do well by turning out qualified NDT personnel.


John A. Newland
Chief Executive Officer
Jan X, NonDestructive Testing and Inspection Solutions

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Industrial Rope Access Training Certification



Industrial Rope Access Training Certification in Industrial Rope Access is in high demand and is a great way to expand your career opportunities in the Nondestructive Testing industry.

Add Industrial Rope Access training to your resume’! Certification in Industrial Rope Access is in high demand and is a great way to expand your career opportunities in the Nondestructive Testing industry. The American Institute of Nondestructive Testing recommends Altius Technical Services with training facilities in Houston, Las Vegas, and Colorado Springs. Be sure to mention the American Institute of Nondestructive Testing and receive a student discount.

Find out more: http://trainingndt.com/index.php/rope-access-training, or call an instructor at 855-313-0325 for more information.

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What Does a Careers in Nondestructive Testing Look Like?

b2ap3_thumbnail_iStock_000020289503_Medium.jpgWhat does a career in Nondestructive Testing (NDT) look like? As a graduate of the American Institute of Nondestructive Testing, you will be qualified to start a career in a vast array of fields.

NDT, Quality Control, and Quality Assurance are vital to the daily function of countless companies and civic-minded organizations. NDT Examinations are necessary to ensure safety and reliability for companies, personnel, products, and the public. Pipelines, bridges, motor vehicles, buildings, aircraft, water craft, power stations, trains, pipelines, oil platforms, and refineries are all inspected using NDT testing methods.

Click here to see for yourself what a career in nondestructive testing looks like! Call 218-270-3182 to talk to an instructor to find out more about careers in nondestructive testing! 

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Further Your Career in Nondestructive Testing!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Dec02_YourCareer.jpgFurther YOUR Career! Already working in the NDT field? Awesome! You can further your career with AINDT by taking Individual Classes.

From Intro to NDT to Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) Level I and II and everything in between is offered at AINDT.

All individual classes include study material, access to our online learning system, and instructor support via phone, gototraining.com video conference, and/or email. See for yourself the variety of courses available at the American Institute of Nondestructive Testing. Call 855-313-0325 and talk to an instructor to see if individual NDT courses are right for you!

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Change Your Life with a New Career in NDT!



The American Institute of NonDestructive Testing offers a Nondestructive Testing Technologies Certificate. This program includes 11 week online and 24 day hands-on training. 

Our Nondestructive Testing Technologies Certificate Program includes daily, live, instructor led question / answer session through gototraining.com. Join in with other students live and participate in the discussions.

Our online learning system allows students flexibility to meet their personal education goals.

The online portion of this certificate program can be started at any time. Hands-on training is available 5 times a year and will be scheduled at the students’ discretion.

To find out if a career in NDT is right for you, call an instructor today at 855-313-0325.

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The Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Training Industry

b2ap3_thumbnail_Outside-Building-Pic-2.jpgSource: Quality Magazine. Read the entire article here. 

Donald R. Booth, CEO of American Institute of Nondestructive Testing believes it is only a matter of time before the world fully embraces the idea of online NDT training.

“In today’s education a person can attain an engineering degree, business administration degree, nursing degree, psychology degree, and hundreds of others; all online, there is no reason for our industry to ignore the future of education. We must embrace online education to train the next generation of NDT examiners,” said Booth.

Although, there are apprehensions within the industry about online training, [they] believe the NDT industry can no longer hold itself back and needs to flow with the technological evolution witnessed globally. We believe the online training is here to stay and that over the next five years, the number of students taking online training courses will increase steadily. With greater demand for online NDT training, there will be an increase in competition in this space that has seen Worldspec.org as its flag bearer over the past seven years.

Read the entire article to understand the future of NDT Online Training Here.

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About the Nondestructive Testing Certificate Online Program



The Nondestructive Testing Certificate Online Program 2013-2014 is an 11 Week Sequential program starting October 7th, 2013 and continues for 11 weeks at the American Institute of NonDestructive Testing. Get enrolled in this affordable online program by October 2nd, 2013. 

Not sure why you should choose the American Institute of NonDestructive Testing? Click Here to find out why Experience, High Earning Potential, Low Cost, Job Placement and more make a difference in your new career path!

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Career in NonDestructive Testing Could be for YOU!



Not sure if a career in NDT is right for you? The American Institute of NonDestructive Testing (AINDT) offers an "Intro to NDT (Online)" Course to introduce you to the disciplines of NDT.  The benefits and limitations of each method as well as an overview of the industry will be discussed.

Take the course when it's convenient for you and find out how a career in NDT can change your life! Click Here to find out more or contact an Instructor today to find out more!

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Convenient Online Courses for NDT Training


Online courses with the American Institute of NonDestructive Testing are available on your iPad, iPhone, or Android devices. Study, complete quizzes, watch video lectures and more all from your mobile device.

Not sure you have time to start a new career that will change your life?! Take courses at your convenience - when and where it works for you. In just 16 weeks you can have a new career in NDT Testing.

If you aren't sure if a new career in NDT Testing is right for you, contact an Instructor today to find out! 

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Thinking about a career in NonDestructive Testing?



Thinking about a career in NonDestructive Testing? The American Institute of NonDestructive Testing has Open Enrollment now until October 2nd. Don't delay - Classes for fall semester start October 7th! Call today to talk to an instructor about a new career in NDT 855-313-0325. 

Click Here to request a phone call from an Instructor today! Learn more about a career in NDT and our complete online training courses. 

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Open House Saturday Sept. 7th


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New Nondestructive Testing School Opens in Baxter

Posted: August 6, 2013 - 8:52pmb2ap3_thumbnail_Brainerd-Dispatch-NDT-Training.jpg

A new school has opened its doors in Baxter.

The American Institute of Nondestructive Testing focuses on nondestructive testing, which helps assure that structural and mechanical components are functioning in a safe and reliable way. Technicians perform tests to find any sign of weakness.

For example, students learn to inspect products like car parts or bridges for flaws like corrosion, stress cracking, failure and fatigue.

It’s just one of five schools of its kind in the country, said Donald Booth, CEO and instructor. The Baxter location offers something the others don’t: online courses, Booth said.

“I wanted this education brought to the future by offering it in an online, condensed form,” Booth said. “There are people with bills, family and jobs. They can’t take two years out for school. I say let’s get them in and in a high-demand job.”

All courses are available on an iPad, iPhone or Android.

To read the entire article, please visit: http://brainerddispatch.com/news/2013-08-06/new-nondestructive-testing-school-opens-baxter


YOU ARE INVITED: The American Institute of NonDestructive Testing invites you to an Open House - Saturday, September 7th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.!

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Looking for a Great Career? Visit The American Institute of NonDestructive Testing!


If you are looking for a great career that will change your life? Plan on stopping by The American Institute of NonDestructive Testing on Saturday, September 7th between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. 



The American Institute of NonDestructive Testing is located at: 7942 College Road, Suite 105 Baxter, MN 56425


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AINDT Offers State Of The Art Facility to Students


The American Institute of NonDestructive Testing has a 4,200 Square FT. facility that offers a state of the art training lab with individual workstations for up to 40 students.

NonDestructive Testing labs are equipped with everything needed to gain the hands-on experience in UT, RT, MT, PT, and VT methods of examination.

Hands-On Training at our facility coming in 2014!

Come to our OPEN HOUSE Saturday, September 7th from 9:00am - 5:00pm and see it for yourself!

 7942 College Road Suite 105, Baxter, MN 56425


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AINDT Adds the GE USM GO to it's training facility

b2ap3_thumbnail_USM-GO.jpgThe American Institute of NonDestructive Testing has added the GE USM GO to it's training facility. USM Go is setting new standards in flaw detection instrumentation. The new ultrasonic Go platform from GE's Inspection Technologies business combines a thickness gauge and a flaw detector in one single lightweight instrument. 

USM Go offers a wide range of applications: 

  • Weld Inspection
  • Inspection of Forgings and Castings
  • Inspection of Rails
  • Inspection of Composites

For more information about the GE USM Go device, visit www.gesensinginspection.com.

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Emerging Growth Markets for NDT


The emerging markets for NDT inspection services are Brazil, China, India, and South Africa. Surprisingly, of these markets, China is the smallest. This is due to the trend in China wherein end-user industries prefer performing NDT inspections in-house rather than outsourcing. Similar to the global NDT inspection services market, these emerging growth markets are characterized by a large number of competitors, although most participants are relatively small. 

End-user industries such as oil and gas and power generation are the key drivers. High oil and gas prices have ensured that the operators earn significant revenue. This revenue has been duly invested back into developing the infrastructure in the energy industry.

To read more of the Industry Report,Click Here.

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American Instutute of NonDestructive Testing Now Open!

Although there are signs of improvement in some areas, the general economic situation for much of the country is still less than desireable. Of course the best way to continue improving conditions is for people to have good-paying jobs so they can provide for their families and contribute to the economy.

Some of the most sought-after jobs today are skilled workers that are trained in specific trades, hence the advent of the American Institute of Nondestructive Testing. Located in Baxter, MN, the school provides certification in nondestructive testing (NDT) in as little as 16 weeks.

NDT helps ensure that structural and mechanical components perform their function in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner. Technicians perform the necessary tests to locate the indicators and discontinuities that may cause failures or shut downs in such systems. These tests are performed in a manner that does not affect the future usefulness of the object or material.

There continues to be a greater demand for people who have NDT certification, and the Institute also helps with job placement, where starting salaries are often around $50,000. Certification includes twelve weeks of online classes followed by four weeks of on-site training and application, which provides the experience to go along with the education.

Learning institutions who provide similar classes have reported waiting lists for this in-demand certification. The American Institute for Nondestructive Testing also has limited space and is expected to fill up soon. For more information call 1-855-313-0325 or visit www.trainingndt.com today.

Source: It's Better News

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Why Choose American Institute of Non-Destructive Testing?

The American Institute of Non-Destructive Testing offers experience you can trust with over 40 years in the Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection b2ap3_thumbnail_iStock_000013773964_Medium.jpgIndustry. With a combination of online and classroom training - in only 16 weeks you can be on your way to a high demand career!

  • High Earning Potential - Starting pay in the Non-Destructive Testing industry ranges from $40 – 50,000 per year. Most graduates can look forward to earning $100,000 or more within a few years!

  • Low Cost - We have created the most affordable NDT and inspection training packages available. Our packages include all the necessary on-line training modules, study material, books, hands-on lab work, and housing costs.

  • No Guess Work – AINDT understands the industry demands. Our focus is to consistently deliver the most well-equipped, responsible, and knowledgeable professionals to the Non-Destructive Testing needs of civic-minded organizations and communities.

Open enrollment for October semester starts June 1st. Read more about why you should choose the American Institute of Non-Destructive Testing. If you are ready to change your life, contact an Enrollment Specialist at 855-313-0325 to learn more about non-destructive testing and YOUR exciting new career path! 

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