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NDT School Testimonials

Online NDT Training

“Don Booth and his associates have done a phenomenal job of creating a top-notch learning environment, where students from all walks of life can come together and learn from the best. His Senior NDT Instructor, Matt Junkert, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. That knowledge, coupled with his unwavering enthusiasm, commitment to his students, and ability to adapt his teaching strategies on the fly, make the learning experience both memorable and entertaining. I would not hesitate in referring friends and colleagues to the American Institute for Nondestructive Testing, and would welcome the opportunity to train with them in the future. To Don and his team, a well-earned Bravo!”

Corey Bisson

“The course covered everything I needed to learn. Good correlation between knowledge based learning and hands-on learning. Real world info about the job and the industry is a plus. Would recommend this school to anyone wanting to get into NDT.”

Matt Burton

“The course was excellent. One of the best classes I’ve been involved with. Very professional, but relaxed. I would recommend this course to anyone looking at the field of RT.”

Nick Fuelling

“I’m a few weeks into the AINDT Level III Basic online prep course. I strongly recommend it to anyone looking to take the exam. It is clearly a great investment with an easy to follow course outline. Very happy with it! –Great staff, great online course, great school. Zero regrets!”

Terry Y.

“I graduated from college with a Bachelors. and upon completion began a career that I eventually came to loathe. After an exhausting search for a new beginning I came across the NDT industry. I became more and more excited in the thought of Testing as a career but the only issue was the difficulty of returning to education considering I have a wife and child. Eventually I enrolled in a local college that would have taken two years to finish and even though I had purchased books and was two days away from attending my first class I discovered AINDT. In a matter of 48 hours I dropped the local school and began my online education immediately through AINDT where 6 months later I was entirely done with all my course work and received 4 different job offers afterwards of which I accepted an NDE Assistant position with Mistras!”


“AINDT was an AMAZING school! I learned a lot in the online portion which helped me to fully understand in the 24 day hands on portion. I’ve only been working for a few months and I’m a Level II in MT, PT, and an AR. Without AINDT I wouldn’t be in this exciting industry that I am in today. I would and have recommended this school to anyone looking to change careers and/or to get started with a career. My siblings and I started at different times within the year and completed within months of each other. We were all working within a week of graduating, and all at different companies. I plan on coming back to take the Eddy Current section! Thanks AINDT!!!!”

Alison B.

Job Placement

“AINDT helped me get the start of my career I was looking for. Giving practical knowledge for what I planned to do, and getting me into a job that I am happy in.”

Quentin K.

“Hi guys,

Just wanted to thank you all again for helping me make a career change. Being self-employed for over 12 years and the main income of my household I wasn’t sure if I was making the right decision.

With your guy’s support – along with my family’s – I was able to do all the online training while still working my business. After I quit that and did the hands-on portion in the classroom, you helped me get a temporary job right away that got me OJT hours. Now that led to me getting a full-time job with another company all within 6 months of graduating.

My family and I are so happy that I made the decision to do this school.

I will refer your school to anyone considering NDT training and I encourage anybody who wants a great career that can lead to so many possibilities to call AINDT and start your training today!”

Thanks for everything,
Ryan K.

“I would just like to thank Don, Curtis and Jeff for all the wonderful work that they do at AINDT. If you’re serious about a career in the NDT industry, The American Institute for Non-Destructive Testing is the way to go. The classes are thorough, the staff is knowledgeable and they gave me the best return on my investment.

I had several offers for employment before I graduated. The staff at AINDT go above and beyond seeking employment for their students.
Simply put, Don, Curtis and Jeff rock!”

R.J. Black

“Hey Mike I was just emailing to let you guys know that I got a job I’ll be working for GE and traveling to North Dakota and South Dakota to the different plants as a wind tower inspector. I will be working with the quality engineers there. They started me out at 24 an hour $130 a day per diem. They wanted me to be gone for 2 months at a time but I actually got to negotiate and they’re paying to fly me home every other weekend so man it worked out great thank you guys for all your help and assistance in getting this job
Thanks again”

Lance W.

NDT Certification

“This is Steven K, I graduated from your NDT training course in September 2016, the first class that Matt helped teach. I am currently approaching my 2nd year out here in Portland with Element Materials Technology and we are growing very fast.

Patrick C, Lee M and myself all graduated from that class and all continue to remain employed by Element. Due to the swift growth, I achieved my CR Level II in just over a year, Pat received his about 2 months ago and Lee is going to begin the training for Level II in the very near future. I would like to start by simply saying thank you for teaching me the theories of NDT and commend you for the great design of your schooling. The way your school is set up brings in individuals who are motivated, dedicated and committed to becoming NDT technicians, and that is what we are looking for.”

Steven K.

“I am writing to let you know how happy my husband and I are with our decision to have our son Matthew train in NDT through your excellent program. As you know, he recently accepted an offer and began working at TEAM Industrial Testing in New Jersey. His training has him ahead of the curve for his position as an assistant Radiographer and that is a credit to your program.

Matthew is now working in refineries and power plants in and around the Philadelphia area and loves the challenge every day brings with his new career. He often talks of his great experience in the month of hands-on training in Baxter. The advice and life stories of your entire staff had a great impact on a young man who is both ambitious and excited about his future.

Matthew is the youngest of 6 children in our family, 5 of whom attended colleges and universities with varying degrees in diverse fields of education. It is safe to say his career outlook is as promising or even more so than some of his siblings. Your program casts new light on careers in the trade industry.

We wish you continued success with your program and will most certainly share our positive experience with others. Thank you again for giving our son a great education and an opportunity of a very bright future.”

Barb and Paul C.

“Dear Mr. Booth:

I am writing to express support of The American Institute of Nondestructive Testing’s nondestructive testing program. The NDT program you have established will help the NDT industry meet its manpower needs in the future. The energy industry in the United States has entered into an unprecedented boom. The United States has found that, within its boundaries, there are plenty of oil and gas reserves untapped to make the US a world leader in oil and gas production. New pipelines have to be put into place. New compressor stations have to be built. Distribution systems have to be installed throughout the country. Liquid natural gas is being transported overseas which will make the US a major exporter. Oil is already being transported overseas . Our firm has run seriously short of trained and certified NDT technicians. Had we had more technicians over these last couple of years, we could have taken on more work. All companies in the NDT business have the same problem.

Our firm specializes in pipeline and related facility NDT. In two years we have doubled in size due to the boom. We are presently establishing new offices in new regions of known gas and oil reserves. Other companies are expanding as well, whether it is in the refinery NDT business, the chemical transportation NDT business, or infrastructure NDT business. We are involved in all of these sectors and many more. There is definitely a shortage of well trained, reliable NDT technicians in all sectors.

While the boom requires new infrastructure to be put into place, the old infrastructure is aging and failing on many fronts. Companies have side stepped the rebuilding of the old infrastructure and concentrated their monies on the new infrastructure . This will not last long. New regulations are being and have been passed requiring the inspection of the old infrastructure on a regular basis. In the pipeline business, that is referred to as the pipeline integrity law. We are deeply involved in this and lack level II technicians with multiple certifications which are required in order to perform these inspections. Nevertheless, the old infrastructure will have to be replaced in the future. Pipelines, bridges, roads, towers, windmills, dams, refineries, storage tanks, airplanes, cars, etc. all require extensive NDT inspection. If you look at what the big investment companies are buying lately, you will see that it is NDT companies. They know that their money is going to_ be_well spent with that investment . Accidents are happening every day like pipeline ruptures, tanks leaking, steam lines exploding, rail cars derailing, and bridges collapsing. Each time one occurs, it reinforces the need for NDT technicians. Make no mistake about it, liability is expensive. Only NDT can assure integrity.

The NDT industry pays well. Our company is signatory to the Operating Engineers and starting pay for an inexperienced trainee with benefits is at 32.68 per hour. A level II makes 52.75 per hour with benefits. Nonunion companies pay less but still pay fairly well. The industry needs qualified NDT technicians everywhere. There is no letup in sight for work in the energy industry and infrastructure rebuilding. We believe in training and that your institute will do well by turning out qualified NDT personnel.




John A. Newland
Chief Executive Officer
Jan X, NonDestructive Testing and Inspection Solutions


NDT Training

“Excellent course, great instructor and facility. 10/10 will recommend this course for anyone wanting to get into the nitty gritty of CR/DR. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Great dive into theory, lots of hands on. If you want to get the most out your money. Give this school a call.”

Jimmy Thai

“Hey guys I have great news. I just had an interview for an assistant radiographer position which went very well and they gave me an offer that I am going to take. I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling which I am very much looking forward to and I’ll have plenty of opportunity to move up. It’s mind blowing to think things are moving this fast. When I was interviewed, they were very impressed that I had already taken my classroom training and how much I already knew about NDT. I really appreciate everything you guys have done and you should be proud of everything you’ve accomplished with the school because it definitely makes a huge difference. This path truly changed my life for the better and I would like to thank you for preparing me in the best way possible for this career.”

Matt C.

“I sought out and researched all the different NDT schools in the states. I read blogs about peoples experiences with other schools. I outweighed the time they take, the money they cost, the possibility of relocating for nearly a year of school… After multiple phone conversations with Shon [super informative] I decided this school would be the best in allowing me to get the education without any major life changes and continue to support my family.

I was able to continue working and doing my schoolwork at night, in the morning, on the weekends and whenever it was convenient. I was able to attend the 24 day hands on portion when it was most convenient for me also. Throughout the course both online and hands on there was tons of support. There is a wealth of knowledge about NDT at this school.

The instructors worked hard to make sure we were employed before leaving. Every day they would check with us about our situation and help us find the right jobs.

I couldn’t be more pleased about how my time and money was spent going with this program! Thanks again you guys, I really appreciate it!”

Zach Lee

“I attended the American Institute of Nondestructive Testing and graduated with every method they provided. I highly recommend this school to whoever is interested in pursuing a career in NDE. The instructors were phenomenal. Their main purpose is to teach us not only how to do the methods, but the theory behind them. They want us to be ahead of the game once we get out in the field. They work hard at finding their students places to work. The facility they teach out of is top notch. It has everything you need to become proficient in NDE. I had a great time attending this program and there’s no chance that will be different for anyone else.”

Tyler Elson

“At 38 being not exactly old and not exactly young I came to the realization that I needed a change. Having spent most of my life as a bartender I have lived in many awesome locations and had some amazing experiences. I regret nothing. However serving people wears on you after years, benefits are mostly non existent and the opportunity for upward growth is rare. I was living on Maui (poor me!) and getting by but not getting ahead. It was a good life but I decided I wanted more. I wanted a career. I wanted to be challenged. Also I wont lie, I wanted to make money.

I am blue collar guy all the way. Sitting around at an office job is just not for me. A friend mentioned NDT to me. I had barely ever heard of it. So I started reading. The more I read the more I liked. A technical position where you aren’t confined to an office and you get to use your brain as well as your hands. Then I looked at the salaries these guys were making. I couldn’t believe it. It sounded too good to be true. The opportunities for advancement are almost endless.

I happened across this school program by a little bit of good fortune. Its a new program and I was skeptical at first. After talking with Jon on the phone a few times all of my concerns were alleviated. These are good guys. They mean what they say and they back it up. From day one I have received all the support they promised and then some. I received my online materials promptly just after Christmas Day 2013. The next hands on training class was scheduled for March 2014. I dug in and started the online coursework. The program is laid out in a very straightforward manner. The lectures and lessons are very informative. There is a flashcard review section before every exam and the course guides you in the manner you need to learn these skills most efficiently. I finished up my online work and made the trek to the lab in Baxter, MN to begin my four week hands on training. Here we applied all the skills that were taught in the online course.

The equipment is state of the art and the knowledge and passion of the instructors is evident in their level of patience and in the way they relate the knowledge to the hands on application. The support system is there forever and I really feel like these guys aren’t just instructors, but friends I can count on for future advice. Here it is mid April and I have finished all the training and received several job offers. The first job offer came three weeks before I even finished the lab.

I really feel like this is the opportunity that I have been looking for. If you are interested in this field I challenge you to read more. Read up on the salaries. A ten second search on the internet will list 1000 or more jobs. These guys are the real deal. This may just be the answer you have been looking for as well. Three and a half months ago I was reading this website just like you are today. Now I’m negotiating my first step into a new career.”

Brad Byars

Instructor Expertise

“Amazing course, amazing people. They went out of their way to make sure I understood the curriculum. Matt is an awesome instructor who kept us engaged and interested. 10/10 would recommend to anyone thinking about taking one of their many amazing classes. Also the hotel accommodations are great! Walk 15 feet to the classroom. Can’t beat that.”


“This was an amazing month of information! Don, Jon, and Shon are very passionate about the industry and it shows! I entered not knowing entirely what to expect, wondering how this would prepare me for a new career. The second day any and all apprehension was gone! I knew this industry was where I belonged! These gentleman are eager to help with anything; whether it be calibrating a UT machine to telling you their work experiences.

This class gave me opportunities to locate anywhere, and in the end gave me a platform to excel from in my current job. It has made a huge difference and I’m looking forward to more growth in the future! Great job fellas! Thank you!!”

Steve D.

“I was at a stalling point in my career and was searching for something new and lucrative to pursue. I was told about careers in NDT and was directed to the American Institute of Non Destructive Testing. I met with them and was told about the many career possibilities and the schools methodology for instruction and training. I was a bit skeptical at first, because the whole thing seemed “too good”. After the first couple weeks in the online sessions it became apparent that all I was told, was indeed true. The course work is challenging, but will leave you prepared to start your career with true confidence. Through many guest speakers and the experience of the instructors, the online class session go far beyond the basics and provide a real world foundation that can not be learned from a book alone. Worth every penny.”

Current Student,
Myles Colligan

“Fantastic experience at this school. The instructors did a great job of using their real world experiences to teach us in a way that was more interactive. They seem to take personal pride in their students professional success. Having researched where I wanted to attend prior to coming to AINDT, I am still very satisfied in my choice.”

Dominick R.

Individual Training

“I went to AINDT for Radiography training on CR/DR. Before coming here, I didn’t know much about either and didn’t believe I would grasp a huge amount from this training. I was wrong. The entire course was taught with great understanding and hands-on experiences for the students leaving me with confidence and interests far beyond film radiography that blew my mind. The course is an in depth explanation on how to use the Carestream Industrex software as well as how the technology works. Learning and question asking was promoted from day one all the way to the bitter end of my 5 days of training. I honestly wish I had come here sooner and left with a bright outlook on this institute’s ability to teach the most experienced inspectors to the least experienced inspectors. Incredible training, thank you for everything! “

Benjamin Gosselin (Portsmouth Naval Shipyard)

“AINDT was referred to me by my welding and fabrication professor at Central Lakes College (Mike Reeser) in Brainerd, MN. I enrolled at AINDT in August 2014 and partaken in hands on training during March of 2015.

Don, Jon, and Shon went above and beyond while assisting me in enrollment, explaining any information regarding the school, not to mention what all these professors do while a student is engaged in hands on training. They take the time and effort to help every student, especially if the student is in a rut with a certain method. I can say with confidence my experience with AINDT couldn’t be matched. I have no problem highly recommending this school for anyone with interest regarding nondestructive testing, welding inspection, new career with a growing industry, or even personal gain.

In addition, I’m also happy to say I have been working with TCI (Tank Consultants, Inc.) since June 1st, 2015 as an API assistant, I’m closing in on level 2 NDT for; MT, UT, PT, LT, and MFL. I do plan to attain API 653, 650, 570, and hopefully following with CWI later down the road. TCI is a great place with a lot of opportunities and experience. You can never learn enough, there’s always more to grow with.

Once again thank you for all of the help and knowledge, I would be miles behind if I didn’t attend AINDT. Nondestructive testing in my mind is definitely a quiet industry much more than it should be.”

Jesse Hadrava

“From the time I made the call and spoke with Jon, to the last day of class, I found the support I needed to embark upon a new and exciting career, I highly recommend this school as a place for all who are looking to change where they are in life.”

Samuel Houston Morgan IV

“Attending AINDT has been a rewarding experience. I did quite a bit of research about the NDT industry and how to get involved. AINDT was by far the most cost effective solution available. After attending the hands on portion, I felt prepared to enter the field of NDT with confidence. The base of knowledge that I received will serve as a foundation for all my future endeavors.

The personal attention that I was given in class was phenomenal. My instructors took the time to make sure that I understood the subject matter. The hands on portion was extremely beneficial. To be able to use new and up to date equipment is awesome.

I can’t say enough about how great the program was for me. I was contacted by several companies and even received job offers before class was finished. Where else are you going to find that?”

Jacob Robertson

Financial Support

“I started this journey with a mountain high of inspiration, but with no hope of financial realism. I knew I was certain about starting a career in NDT.

But, it takes money to earn money. I had no idea how I was going to be able to afford my education. Then I saw a commercial about the Mike Rowe scholarship foundation. I knew this was my shot to try and pursue after the education I wanted/needed.

I contacted my Mike Rowe foundation and submitted my application. I was nervous at first, had no idea what to expect, or even what to do. They made it easy, walked me thru the application steps, and kept in steady contact with me in term of the progress.

The day I found out I had been accepted, I was overjoyed, and in disbelief. I had to let reality sink in. Applying for the Mike Rowe foundation was absolutely the best decision vie ever made, it was life changing! Word can’t explain how thankful and fortunate I am to have this opportunity. And as I write this, I am full speed into my career and loving the NDT field.”

Brandon N.

“I’m writing to thank everyone at AINDT! I just accepted a job offer from a large NDT company in my area and I’m starting soon. I’m excited to start my NDT career and I couldn’t have done it without you guys. I was impressed during my hands-on training with how many students were getting calls from employers. I had calls and an interview during class and now after 3 interviews, I just got the job of my choice. It’s only 9 days after completing class and I was on vacation with no phone or email for 5 of those days! I did a lot of research before choosing NDT for my career path and then researched my NDT training options before choosing AINDT. I believe that there is no comparable program in the market today. AINDT is the best bang-for-the-buck in terms of return on investment in education. I worked hard, but still I can’t believe the opportunities that are now open to me based on the relative low cost and time investment at AINDT. I’ll make more in the next year than many college graduates with 4 years of education and massive student loans. Thanks again!”

Rick Price

“Best decision I ever made. Decided on the school in December, paid my money, finished the courses end of March. They worked hard to get me interviews and I don’t think they could have found a better company for me. Got hired end of May and by the end of June I think I had already made enough money to cover the entire cost of the schooling. Show me another career where you can pay off your entire school debt in like 5 weeks and I’m all ears. This program is 100% legit. I’m living proof.”

Brad B.

“Anyone looking to change or enhance their skill set or career, should really look into this school. I have done more in 16 weeks and learn more towards actually having a career, than I did in 4 years of college. I highly recommend people look into NDT as a career as it is about as recession proof a job as it gets, and pays a good living wage.”

Lynda C.

Course Materials

“AINDT was a great school to go to. I was unsure about online classes but everything was there and taught me better than anywhere else could have. The hands-on 24 days took everything I learned online and made it even easier for me. I recommend this school to anyone out there looking for the best training in NDT. Teachers will answer any and all questions and send you off INTO a job with more knowledge than you think you may know. Thanks again AINDT for such a great course!”

Adam B.

“My name is Blake Dunn, and I am a student of the American Institute of Non-Destructive Testing in Baxter, MN. I recently completed the NDT program, starting with the online courses followed by the hands on training. I have nothing but positive feedback regarding the school and the curriculum. The online portion is setup in a way that clicks, and there is the option to sit in on a daily “live” question and answer session with one of the instructors to address any questions you may have.The instructors were prompt and easy to communicate with while I was taking the online classes. This was especially helpful for the fact that I was working full time while I was taking the online classes, and could not always make the daily lecture online. The hands on training was awesome, it really helped me wrap my mind around everything I learned through the online portion. I would highly recommend anyone interested in taking the course to do both the online along with the hands on training. Especially if you have no experience in the field, the hands on training is a must. The instructors keep your attention, and keep you involved with what seemed to be an endless amount of reference material.”

“In conclusion, I can say that I lost all my skepticism. Not only did I learn the material, I left with confidence in what I have learned. Most importantly, I completed the course just a few days ago and I am already getting offers for work, thanks to my affiliation with the school. Now I just have to decide on where to go with it.”

Blake Dunn

“There are few words to describe, what a life changing experience this school can have on its students! The skills and techniques learned in the hands on portion are invaluable. With the teachers constantly adapting to the varying needs of the students. The curriculum will have your skill set ready for a wide application across the industry. The camaraderie between the students and the instructors is what sets this school apart from the rest, as they strive to see success in each of their students.

Former student,
Tyler Vanderlinden

Best Trade to Learn

“AINDT provides courses with knowledgeable instructors and information relevant to real-life applications in the NDT industry. I highly recommend the on site options as the hands on portion of the courses help to tie all the bookwork together.”

Steven Kotek

“Hi Shon here is the offer I got for the mine outage. Feel free to share it with your next class. Sperry Rail is flying me to Danbury, CT for an interview sometime before April 18th as well. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at AINDT for all you have done. You all really saved my life there. I am 51 and have never been more happy with the job opportunities that I have received since graduating there from AINDT. Send me a grad pic if you can! Thanks again to you all!”

Best Regards,
Mark Mackey


Just a quick note of thanks for the excellent tour of your facility yesterday. It’s refreshing to see your training approach which gets folks into the work truly marketable skills!

When i graduated from high school in 1967, on the advice and with help of my employer I attended a 4 week welding course in the twin cities. The course focused on meeting the welding certifications necessary for work on DOD contracts at my employer, the Aitkin Iron Works.

Passing those USCG tests (we were building fuel tanks for navy landing craft) got me immediately bumped from helper to a welder.

I worked there for a year and just before being drafted enlisted in the Navy. The Navy sent me to 15 weeks of school (Shipfitter “A” School) and then to my first ship. I spent the next 28 years within the Navy and was able to advance far beyond anything I had ever dreamed possible.

A huge part of my success was directly attributable to your and the Navy’s educational approach. The Navy trained folks for real jobs that existed – just like you are doing today!

Again thank you for getting it right on training!”

Sincerely Yours

Dale K Lueck,
Committee to Elect Dale Lueck
District 10B-Minnesota House of Representatives

“Just thought I’d share that his wife stopped by here with a lovely plant to say thank you for referring them to your school. J She said the NDT training has changed their lives and brought back enjoyment of the little things. You guys played more a part in that than I did. So here’s a “cheers” to you both for running a great training program!”

Amber K
Employment Counselor
RMCEP, MN WorkForce Center- Brainerd

“Hey Don its Brad B. Well I’ve been out here in the Bakken only five days and I dont want to leave! The guys I work with are awesome and the money is outstanding. Never dreamed it would be this “easy” to get into an awesome career. I told my supervisor I wanna stay all summer. I can’t sing AINDT praises enough. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. Haven’t felt this accomplished in years!!!”

Brad B.

“Hi Don,

Thanks for the information today!

We have a number of job postings on our website –

Our big need is in North Dakota. We have a number of positions open out there. Students with the formal training are starting at $21 per hour, 2 per diem options of 1) $50 per day for meals with lodging taken care of by Braun Intertec OR 2) $115 per day, lots of hours and OT. New hires are also moving their way into Level II slots quickly as they’re getting lots of experience and hours in a short amount of time.

We also have a strong need for a few solid students to start out as helpers at our corporate office in Bloomington.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Please pass that message along to your students.”

Employee Ownership working for you,

Ashley C. Bales
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
11001 Hampshire Avenue S | Minneapolis, MN 55438
612.369.1017 mobile