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Make A Great Living In A Growing Sector

“It’s no secret that the US economy, and the global economy in general, have seen some tough times. Many sectors were slow to recover from the 2008 recession, and for the American middle class, things aren’t getting much easier.

In many career fields, an expensive college education leads to a middle class income saddled with student loan debt. NDT (nondestructive testing) is one incredible exception. A career in nondestructive testing requires a relatively small investment in education, and the payoff is an excellent salary.

Just how excellent is that salary? Glad you asked. We researched education and salaries for various careers and compared the results to a typical NDT salary, as reported by PQNDT in their annual NDT salary survey. Check it out–and check out the full survey from PQNDT. Whether you’re a seasoned NDT professional or you’re considering a career in NDT, the survey from PQNDT is an incredible resource.”

Click Here to read more about certification levels, how NDT stacks up against other typical career paths, NDT salaries and more.

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