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AINDT offers the most comprehensive certified training program in the ever-expanding field of non-destructive testing (NDT). Enrolling could not be simpler: enroll today, start tomorrow with our online training program. Our interactive Learning Management System online is thorough and complete, including online lectures, graded quizzes, and essays. Your online portion of training with AINDT is also available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices for ease of use. With live daily interactive lectures, you can interact with other students and instructors can answer any questions you may have. Your next portion of training is hands-on at our facility in Baxter, MN. This is where you put your training to practical use, learn different techniques, complete examinations, interpret results, and document findings. AINDT training is comprehensive, and includes all needed study materials. With a career in NDT, you will provide a crucial service in a field that will never become obsolete. Call 855-313-0325 today to talk to an instructor about a new career in NDT. What are you waiting for?

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