Certified Welding Inspector Exam Prep Course

Certified Welding Inspector Exam Prep Course

CWI Exam Prep Course

Course cost: $1,800.00

Included in the course fee each student will receive a comprehensive visual inspection tool kit.

We believe we offer the most comprehensive CWI Exam Prep Course available. Our course will give you the skills and knowledge you will need to take the AWS CWI exam with confidence.

Our Certified Welding Inspector Exam Prep Course will help you prepare for the American Welding Society (AWS) CWI Certification exam.

We are proud to welcome John Pariseau to the AINDT team as our Director of Curriculum Development and instructor for all AWS related Prep Courses.

John brings extensive knowledge to AINDT and we would like to congratulate him on his award of AWS Certified Welding Inspector of the year, 2018.

John is a Senior CWI, NACE CIP Level 3, holds ASNT Level III certifications in UT, MT, PT, and VT as well as several ICC certifications among many other accomplishments in the field of inspection.

How Does our CWI Exam Prep Course Work?

Our CWI Exam Prep Course begins with a 40-hour online course that students can move through at their own pace. The online Portion of the CWI Exam Prep Course will cover the fundamentals of Welding Technology as established by the American Welding Society. This coincides with Part A of the CWI Exam.

In addition, the online course will provide in depth training to the welding code portion of the exam (Part C, based on the code you select for your AWS exam, API 1104 or AWS D1.1)

The remaining 40 hours of your exam prep course will be held at our Baxter, MN facility. This portion of your training will consist of extensive practical hands-on visual inspection techniques in accordance with the NEW Part B of the CWI exam, as well as additional lecture, study preparation, and practice exams for the welding fundamentals and code book portions of the exam. (Part A and C.)

Following the onsite training, you will be provided the opportunity to take the AWS CWI exam at our facility the Saturday immediately following our CWI Exam Prep Course.

CWI Exam Essentials

The CWI exam requires 72% for a passing score on each of its three sections:

  • Part A: Fundamentals,
  • Part B: Practical, and
  • Part C: Code Book.
  • Students who score at least 60%, but below 72% on these three sections will receive a CAWI certification. A Certified Associate Welding Inspector, or CAWI, requires a minimum of two years welding related experience. CAWIs also are not allowed to sign off on paperwork.
  • Upon successfully qualifying and testing to the requirements put forth by the American Welding Society (AWS), the student will receive a National Certification, which will be active for three years.

The student is required to provide their own code book (D1.1 or API 1104) for use in both the online and on-site portions of the CWI exam Prep Course. Also, students will need to provide their own calculator, pens, pencils, highlighters, etc.….

We will provide each student with all other training materials necessary to prepare for the CWI Exam. This includes tools, plastic weld replicas, course books, and multiple practice exams covering all 3 sections of the CWI Exam.

Please give us a call at 855-313-0325 for enrollment forms for the course as well as all required documents for your AWS Initial application. We will be glad to help you through the AWS application process.

Certified Welding Inspector Course Schedule

2018 Classroom Schedule
November 12th – 16th

2019 Classroom Schedule
January 28th – February 1st
March 25th – 29th
May 20th – 24th
July 29th – August 2nd
September 30th – October 4th
December 2nd – 6th

2018 CWI Exam Date
November 17th

2019 CWI Exam Date
February 2nd
March 30th
May 25th
August 3rd
October 5th
December 7th

Let us customize a training program for you that meets your training requirements.