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American Institute for Nondestructive Testing (AINDT): New Student Housing Seeks To Immerse Students In NDT Training

As America starts to re-open, students and professionals may be eager to get back into classrooms for hands-on training. But in-person educational experiences bring their own challenges—namely, the costs and inconveniences of finding lodging and amenities. AINDT’s new “Digital Interactive Student Housing” seeks to streamline this process, creating an immersive NDT educational facility where students can learn from experts and one another throughout their experience.

AINDT’s Digital Interactive Student Housing, located in Baxter, Minnesota, is a two-story, 16 000 square foot student housing complex which can house up to 26 students. It is a private campus only for AINDT students that is an 8 min. drive away from the training facility. AINDT CEO Don Booth saw the opportunity to help customers overcome the hurdles of sending personnel to complete their courses. Rather than having to pay high costs for nearby hotel rooms, customers can now package housing with their training costs. Full-time students enrolled in AINDT’s coursework will also have access to the campus.

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