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Vocational training in Phoenix, AZ can lead to a high paying career, no bachelor’s degree required.  Vocational training institutes are a perfect fit for people who want to learn a trade and immediately apply that knowledge in the field.  The American Institute of Nondestructive Testing (AINDT) is a premier vocational training institute.  At AINDT you can participate in vocational training in Phoenix, AZ for Nondestructive Testing (NDT) or to become a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI).  We offer a blended learning program, with online courses as well as hands-on training. 

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If you are looking to complete a program on a faster track, vocational training is preferable to college. A college may ask you to complete prerequisites before you can take the classes required by your certification. Vocational training in Phoenix, AZ is also more cost-effective than a traditional two or four year schooling, and you won’t have to deal with a long program.  

At AINDT, our NDT and CWI vocational training programs in Phoenix, AZ will only require you to take the classes that your certification requires.  Vocational programs can be completed in seven months at AINDT, with certification following.  We also work to help you find a job in your field. The fields of NDT and CWI offer median starting salaries of $50,000. Certified NDT and CWI technicians with vocational training from AINDT are in high demand across the United States and even abroad. 

We offer the most convenient and affordable vocational training program in Phoenix, AZ.


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Vocational Training In Phoenix, AZ And Earnings

A recent study from the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University finds that a growing number of people with no bachelor’s degree are now out-earning those with a bachelor’s degree.  From 2017 to 2019, the study finds that on average 16% of high school graduates, 23% of workers with some college, and 28% of associate degree holders earned more money than 50% of all workers with a bachelor’s degree. Investing in vocational training in Phoenix, AZ costs less and can lead you to a career with a higher salary.  

The traditional idea that everyone needs a college degree, is no longer the best advice. We need more school counselors to help students make informed decisions about vocational training programs in Phoenix, AZ. Information should be shared about the following factors because they affect your earnings more than the type of degree:

  • The type of vocational training you choose
  • The vocation for which you are training 
  • Where you live 

One of the study’s authors, Tony Carnevale, states “Somebody who can do air conditioning will make more than somebody who becomes a schoolteacher.” He goes on to list construction inspectors, welders, and a variety of vocational careers that offer higher salaries than the median salary of someone with a bachelor’s degree.

Let us customize a training program that meets your requirements.

Vocational Training In Phoenix, AZ And Job Opportunities

The opportunity is growing for vocational training in Phoenix, AZ to lead to high-paying trade jobs. The skilled trades shortage is here now and the demand for new skilled personnel increases each day. Per latest research estimates, there are 10 million unfilled manufacturing jobs globally—with 3 million skilled trade jobs projected in the U.S. alone by 2030—representing $2.5 trillion in economic impact. There is a high demand to fill these trade jobs.  

One of the biggest factors driving the higher demand for vocational training in Phoenix, AZ is the mass retirement of workers in the Baby Boomer generation. Boomers—people born between 1946 and 1964—are employed in fields like construction, manufacturing and engineering in much higher proportions than their younger counterparts. The median age of construction workers is 42, a number that’s increasing over time. Various industry sources indicate the mid-to-upper 40s as the median age for machinists, heavy equipment operators and NDT technicians. For welders, it’s 55. Companies are hiring people of all ages, to fill the emerging retirement gaps.  

Skilled trades is one of the job categories with highest potential for participants in vocational training, according to economic models.  Numbers from the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) reveal that 10,000 electricians retire from the field each year, but only 7,000 new workers with vocational training join it. For welders, the figures are even more daunting. One estimate from the American Welding Society (AWS) predicts we’ll see a shortage of 400,000 welders by 2024—that’s the size of the population of the entire city of Tulsa, Oklahoma!

We’re in the midst of a period of unprecedented opportunity to choose vocational training in Phoenix, AZ and have your pick of high-quality jobs. For employers, it means trade jobs will likely remain highly competitive to win the best workers for many years to come.

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Vocational Training In Phoenix, AZ And Job Security

The demographic shift discussed above is largely fueled by a relentless push toward four-year college degrees as the preferred path for high school graduates. There’s nothing wrong with obtaining a college degree, and for many people it may prove to be a good investment in time and money. Vocational training is a proven option, opening access to high paying career opportunities. College is not a guarantee of personal or professional fulfillment, by default. It’s simply not the best fit for everyone.

Vocational training in Phoenix, AZ deserves more attention for the results skilled trades offer. Once you learn a skilled trade, no one can take that expertise away from you. Participating in vocational training equips you with a powerful level of knowledge, resulting in job security that is not tied to your employer but to your skill set. 

The decades-old narrative that has undervalued vocational training and apprenticeship—combined with a lack of awareness of the trades career paths at the middle and high school levels—has resulted in fewer and fewer entrants into once-vibrant trades professions. Compounding the issue, women and minorities continue to be significantly underrepresented in the skilled trades workforce across all heavy industries, as well as in high school studies concentration.

At AINDT we strive for excellence in vocational training in Phoenix, AZ and support the following objectives:

  • Honoring people who have completed vocational training and are now working as skilled tradespeople in the industrial sector, with a daily commitment to craftsmanship. 
  • Informing middle and high school students, GED holders, college graduates, military veterans and mid-career professionals about vocational training and how to start a career via such a program. 
  • Empowering those who choose vocational training and choose to embark on a career in the trades. 

Blue-collar households across America have long understood the fulfillment from and value of vocational training that leads to a career in the trades—passing down that appreciation, generation after generation. We aim to crank up the volume of that positive reinforcement and encouragement with a diverse, “all-collar” mindset—breaking down barriers for anyone who wants to go after a career in the skilled trades.

When we see more white-collar families on social media, wildly celebrating one of their own pursuing vocational training in Phoenix, AZ and life in the trades, we’ll know we’re making progress for the long haul.

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NDT Vocational Training In Phoenix, AZ

The American Institute of Nondestructive Testing (AINDT) provides the most convenient and affordable NDT training available in Phoenix, AZ. Our blended learning program offers you the convenience of online vocational training from wherever you may live. Online training is followed by hands-on NDT training at our facility in Baxter, Minnesota. The combination of our online NDT curriculum and 18 days of hands-on training gives you experience with the most up-to-date NDT equipment. Our NDT vocational training program in Phoenix, AZ gives you the skills needed to enter into a rewarding career in nondestructive testing.

If NDT interests you, spend some time reflecting and planning before you get started at a vocational training institute.

1. Decide on Your Field

As mentioned before, there are different methods used to conduct nondestructive testing. Each method requires specialized vocational training, so you need to decide which one you prefer.  After you’ve chosen a field of interest, you’ll also need to decide on which level you want to become certified in. An employer may require a certain level, or you may choose to reach for a higher level for more advanced career opportunities.

2. Complete your training

NDT vocational training in Phoenix, AZ equips technicians in an essential form of inspection for many different industries. NDT training offers three different levels of certification: 

  • NDT Level 1 (Level I)  technicians do not need as many hours of training or experience
  • NDT Level 2 (Level II)  technicians require more training and experience
  • NDT Level 3 (Level III) technicians obtain the highest level of training and experience

NDT vocational training in Phoenix, AZ and work experience hours are also dependent on the inspection method that the technician chooses to study. Simpler methods typically require fewer hours than more complex methods. For example, visual inspection requires between 4 and 16 hours of vocational training and 70-140 work experience hours, while radiography needs between 40-80 hours of vocational training and 210-840 work experience hours.

3. Become Certified 

To become certified, you will complete vocational training and hands-on training. If your employer has asked you to become certified, a Level III NDT certified employee may conduct your test in your workplace.

4. Pass Your Exams

There are several exams that you will need to complete to become NDT certified:  

  • A practical exam to evaluate your ability to perform physical NDT tasks. 
  • A general exam, which evaluates your knowledge on NDT basics.
  • An NDT specific exam. This will test you on procedures and codes relevant to your specific field of study.
  • A physical exam is also administered. The physical exam makes sure the candidate has adequate vision. Since visual examinations are routine in the NDT field, this is an important exam.

Vocational training in Phoenix, AZ and NDT certification can provide you with a variety of career opportunities. The beauty of an NDT certificate is that you can always expand on it. You may opt to only become Level I certified at first, but you can always later build on that vocational training base.


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CWI Vocational Training In Phoenix, AZ

AINDT has developed a series of online and hands-on CWI vocational training courses to help you obtain your CWI certification:

  1. CWI Part A Fundamentals
  2. CWI Part B Hands-on Training
  3. CWI Prep Course with Code Book

Once you finish the CWI vocational training program, you will be provided with the opportunity to take the AWS CWI exam at the AINDT facility to complete your CWI certification.  

The CWI 9-Year Recertification options provide a number of opportunities for vocational training to renew your CWI certification:

  1. Examination: Retake Part B of the AWS CWI exam.
  2. Continuing Education: Accumulate 80 Professional Development Hours via classroom or distance learning.
  3. Acquire an Endorsement: Achieve one or more AWS endorsements prior to your CWI 9-year recertification deadline.  AINDT offers two CWI certification endorsement courses: AWS D1.1 CWI Endorsement Prep Course and API 1104 CWI Endorsement Prep Course.

AINDT offers online certification preparation courses and vocational training in exciting, expanding industries. Non-destructive testing offers a crucial service to just about every industry you can think of. Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) are in high demand as technicians in this industry are retiring at a higher rate than they are being replaced.  AINDT not only offers job placement assistance to those who complete our technical vocational training in Phoenix, AZ, you will become certified in an industry that is expanding every year. That’s what we call job security. You will gain more than a new job, you can have a successful and well-paid career.

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Vocational Training In Phoenix, AZ FAQs

Can I take an individual NDT course from AINDT?

Yes, AINDT does offer individual NDT courses.

Individual courses are best for people who are already in the NDT industry and are looking to expand their NDT methods education.

If you are looking to start a career in nondestructive testing, an individual class isn’t the quick fix you are looking for.

Our full “NDT Technologies Certificate” training program is what you’ll need to start your NDT career.

When I get done with the NDT Technologies Certificate Program will I be certified?

You will be well on your way, but you will not be immediately certified. After you complete the NDT Technologies Certificate Program, you will have the required education to become certified, then you will need on-the-job training hours. AINDT works with you to be placed and employed with a great company. After the appropriate amount of on-the-job NDT training experience hours you receive while working, you will be given exams to become certified in the various NDT methods by your employer.

What additional costs beyond my tuition will I have with the NDT Technologies Certificate Program?

Costs not included in your tuition include:

Travel costs to and from our area and your daily food costs.

Does AINDT have a job placement program?


As soon as you arrive at AINDT for your hands-on training our NDT job placement team immediately starts working hard to find an NDT career that’s right for you.

How much money can I expect to earn in NDT?

Our graduates start earning $40,000 to $50,000 per year starting out in the NDT industry. Graduates can obtain further certification and increase their earnings substantially throughout their career. Certified NDT Technicians should anticipate compensation packages to include full insurance benefits and substantially high wages.

What is a Certified Welding Inspector?

Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) must demonstrate a keen attention to detail along with other requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities, and are often considered the safety nets that catch potentially catastrophic mistakes.

It’s the CWI’s responsibility not only to determine if a weldment meets the acceptance criteria of a specific code, standard, or other specification, but also to handle qualification records, oversee non-destructive testing and ensure proper materials are available during testing.

Therefore, it is important that the CWI is familiar with welding processes, welding procedures, welder qualifications, materials, and weld testing limitations, as well as how to read blueprint drawings, prepare and keep records, prepare and make reports, and make responsible judgments.

What is the Certified Welding Inspector program?

The AWS Certified Welding Inspector credential is one of the welding industry’s most recognized certifications. Many industry professionals who earn their CWI credential are highly regarded and sought-after throughout the welding industry. Becoming a CWI means that you have demonstrated the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities to earn this prestigious credential.

A CWI should align with the technical and ethical principles required of their position as outlined in AWS B5.1:2013-AMD1 Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspectors.

By employing or contracting CWI’s, hiring organizations can improve safety, reduce risk, and meet the technical criteria and standards developed and updated by AWS industry experts.

The CWI credential can serve as the foundation on which welding industry professionals can build lucrative and rewarding careers.

Additionally, because the Certified Welding Educator (CWE) Certification exams are identical to Parts A and B of the CWI exams, CWI candidates can choose to pursue a CWE credential and earn both credentials at the same time.

A CWI candidate or a current CWI can choose to enhance their credential by adding one or more of the AWS endorsements*. These endorsements also count toward recertification requirements.

AWS offers three additional certification programs (SCWI, CAWI and CWE) to match the needs of professionals who have either more or less related experience than that required to become a CWI.

*Endorsements are supplemental inspection credentials available to all CWI’s and Senior SCWI’s to enhance an individual’s skills and career opportunities.

Do I register to take the CWI exam through AINDT?

No, the CWI program and exam is owned by the American Welding Society, AINDT provides preparatory training for taking the exam.  In addition, AINDT contracts with AWS to provide the Part B portion of the exam at its facility in Baxter, MN.  Candidates must register with AWS to take the exam as well as registering with AINDT to take the preparatory training.

Has the CWI application/registration process changed?

The American Welding Society offers all applicants the opportunity to use the online Certification Application Portal to register for seminars, courses and make payment.

Before beginning the online application, please review the submission process, required documents, and the education and work experience requirements that must be met to become a CWI.

AWS administers the CWI Part A and Part C Exams via Prometric. Candidates will receive a Confirmation Letter from AWS via email once all application requirements are completed and approved. A candidate will require the eligibility code contained in the Confirmation Letter before being permitted to schedule CWI Part A and Part C Exams with Prometric.

Prometric offers over 450 Exam Centers across the globe and has over 100 Exams Centers across the United States. For more information, please visit the AWS page on Prometric’s website.

AINDT contracts with AWS to administer the CWI Part B (Practical) exam at our facility in Baxter, MN.

Can I take CWI Part A and Part C before I take Part B?

All candidates are required to take the Part B Practical portion of the CWI Exams before Parts A and C.

Candidates may choose whether to take Part A before Part C or vice versa, but both must be after Part B has been completed and within – days of Part B Practical.