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Wondering if Hybrid Courses are Right for You? Online + Hands-On = Success 

Join in with other students live and participate in the discussions. Our online learning system allows students flexibility to meet their personal education goals. The online portion of this certificate program can be started at any time. 

Hands-on training is available 6 times a year. The AINDT Certificate Program includes 11 week online and 24 day hands-on training.

Our Nondestructive Testing Technologies Certificate Program includes daily, live, instructor-led question / answer sessions through

To be successful in Hybrid courses, some computer and technical skills are a must.

You should:

  • Have Internet access
  • Have an e-mail account
  • Be organized
  • Have good reading, writing and studying skills
  • Manage your time
  • Be able to complete assignments in a timely fashion
  • Maintain a class calendar
  • Be able to meet deadlines
  • Be self-motivated
  • Stay on schedule

For more information, contact an AINDT instructor today 855-313-0325.