Can I take an individual NDT courses from AINDT?

Yes, AINDT does offer individual NDT courses.

Individual courses are best for people who are already in the NDT industry and are looking to expand their NDT methods education.

If you are looking to start a career in nondestructive testing, an individual class isn’t the quick fix you are looking for.

Our full "Nondestructive Testing Technologies Certificate" training program is what you’ll need to start your NDT career.

When I get done with the AINDT program will I be certified?
What is the difference between a licensed private career school and the community college?
What if I did poorly at high school or in a previous college life? Am I able to still get a career or a certificate in nondestructive testing at AINDT?
What additional costs beyond my tuition will I have with the AINDT program?
Once I complete the AINDT Certification Program, do I have to travel for work?
Does AINDT have a payment plan?
Does AINDT have a job placement program?
How much money can I expect to earn?
Will I always have work?
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