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Have you ever wanted to make a career switch, but weren’t sure how? Nondestructive testing (NDT) may be the perfect field for those curious about structural and mechanical components. With radiography being one of its technologies, this type of testing provides an opportunity to learn more about machine parts without risking damaging them in the process!

If you’ve been wondering “what is radiography in NDT?”, then now’s your chance to find out – explore all that NDT technology has to offer as part of your future career journey.

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What Is Radiography in NDT?

Radiography is a valuable Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technique that uses X-rays to uncover any signs of imperfections in products and components. Doing this effectively requires specialized NDT training for radiographers so they are aware of how to identify corrosion or hidden cracks with precision.

This can provide peace of mind knowing operations abide by industry regulations while also retaining the long life and durability expected from manufactured items – not just limited to healthcare.

Radiography is a Valuable Addition to NDT Certification

Having an NDT certification adds great value as you ascend your career within the field’s boundaries. Medical x rays may be more familiar; however, similarly, skilled technicians use emitted radiation such as X-ray beams or gamma rays over materials to detect telltale indicators like stress levels, fatigue & wear on parts/components during production cycles.

Radiography testing provides a unique glimpse into materials and can uncover details that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. By placing objects between an X-ray or gamma-ray radiation source, technicians use electromagnetic waves of shorter wavelengths to capture images that reveal differences in material density and thickness.

These pictures help NDT professionals ascertain potential issues within any given object – but it’s important to take proper safety precautions since radioactivity is involved.

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Essential Radiography Training for Safe Inspections

If you’re a radiograph technician, NDT certification is essential. It ensures that you have the necessary skills to conduct safe and accurate inspections of materials like gears, bearings, or pipelines. Moreover, it gives you access to specialized training courses, which help optimize your skill set for more challenging components.

Proper certifications and training are crucial for safe operations across different systems. Therefore, it’s always advisable to invest in them when considering a career in this field.

Inspectors rely on radiographic Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to gather information about the internal structure of parts, components, and materials. NDT helps identify defects in complex shapes, casting, or corroded surfaces that would otherwise be difficult to monitor.

Certified NDT personnel evaluate these images to determine which parts are safe for operation and which ones need repairs or replacements. This avoids compromising safety hazards associated with faulty parts, preventing serious damages.

To uphold accuracy and integrity, regular upskilling through accredited NDT training courses is highly recommended for those working in the industry.

Radiography testing is essential for NDT certification and training, ensuring safety in the workplace and quality for customers. It’s an indispensable tool that detects hidden damage or other issues through its powerful imaging solution, which the naked eye can’t achieve.

Don’t put off taking advantage of all the benefits radiography offers your organization – invest in NDT certification and training now so you’re fully equipped to get on top of potential problems before they occur.

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Radiographic Training at AINDT

AINDT provides NDT training for aspiring NDT technicians, offering top-notch radiographic certification. From Learning Management software to appointment scheduling solutions, their comprehensive NDT training suite ensures students receive the highest quality of NDT instruction in a safe and secure environment.

AINDT offers cutting edge technology, materials and practices for NDT testing and training that keeps technician knowledge up-to-date with industry standards and technological advancements. For those eager to learn more about NDT from leading professionals, AINDT’s radiographic training is an ideal way to gain valuable knowledge while preparing to become a certified NDT technician.

At the American Institute of Nondestructive Training (AINDT), we offer those interested in NDT the ability to complete the bulk of their coursework online and then come to our facilities in Baxter, Minnesota for hands-on training.

The radiographic training course is offered in conjunction with Carestream NDT and trains industrial radiographers and companies who want to make the switch from film radiography to digital radiography. Students will learn the tools and skills to use digital radiography in their inspections.

A combination of hands-on lab exercises, lectures from qualified instructors, software training, practice exam, and more are provided in this program. We also provide resources for NDT jobs and career outlook information.

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Complete NDT Training

At AINDT, we provide you the tools to start a new career or expand your skills in your current career. You can attend our completed NDT program and then choose a specialty. Now that you can answer “what is radiography in NDT” you might find that radiography interests you and you’d like to focus on that.

Or, if you’re already in an NDT career, our certificate programs can help you develop new skills to bring into your current role, such as switching the technology that you use.

If you’re ready to get started on our program, contact us today. We are consistently ranked as one of the best programs in the country by our students.

Take advantage of the benefits radiography offers – enroll in an accredited NDT training course now!