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The number one advantage is that hybrid courses are easy for you to get the training you need to start a new career! 

Hybrid Courses advantages also include: 

  • limited on-campus attendance (4 weeks)
  • accessible from more places to more people. Online courses at AINDT are available on your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices! Study, watch video lectures, and complete quizzes from most mobile devices.
  • Instructors can teach courses through active-learning assignments over the Internet rather that having their students sit in a lecture hall taking notes. 
  • Hybrid courses help encourage self-directed learning, problem solving, time management, and critical-thinking skills and also improve computer and writing skills. 
  • Because of the online classroom participation, students are more likely to get involved in discussions because they are not physically speaking in front of a classroom and are more confident. 

Even though the Hybrid method is fairly new, professors are reporting a high rate of success. Hybrid courses at AINDT (Baxter, MN) could be the answer to your new career move. 

Give The American Institute of Nondestructive Testing (Baxter MN) a call to get all of your questions answered 855-313-0325.