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At a community college you can earn degrees. The American Institute of Nondestructive Testing (AINDT) Baxter, MN is a private career school that offers a certificate program. The state of Minnesota has licensed AINDT as a private career school. AINDT is a private entity and teaches a curriculum that has been approved by the state.

A private career school like AINDT teaches people how to get into a career. Instructors at AINDT teach you job specific knowledge you need to succeed in the field of NDT. That’s one of the reasons AINDT is able to get people trained properly and quickly.

At a community college there may be courses that you have to take before you even get into your career coursework. With AINDT, we’re just teaching you NDT related math and the coursework.

To find out more about starting a new career in NDT click here, or call AINDT (218) 270-3182 and talk to an instructor today!