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In 2019, the number of welding jobs reached 438,900. As many welders are reaching retirement age, the job outlook until 2029 is expected to grow annually by 3%. Because of this, welders are needed throughout the country.

Thinking about a career in the craft industry? Read our guide on why you should become a certified welding inspector.

The Demand

The construction industry is expected to face a labor shortage because fewer people know about becoming a welder. For welding, there is no better time to get involved in the industry.

Instead of needing a college degree, the welding industry takes a learn-as-you-go approach or many colleges offer one year and two year welding courses. Companies may offer an apprenticeship that helps you acquire the necessary skills for the craft. After this, you can begin working and earning money.

Not all companies will require a certification, but it is always recommended to new welders. Becoming a certified welding inspector provides more opportunities.

You can start from the bottom as a welder and easily work your way up. All you need is a high school diploma to get started. Skilled welders will always have work to do!

The Income

Pursuing a career as a certified welding inspector sounds like a lot of work, but the paychecks make it worth it. The CWI salary is at the top compared to other welding careers in the industry.

The income you make will depend on the organization you work for. Most companies pay around $35 an hour and more.

The certified welding inspector career outlook is even greater for those willing to move around the country to work. These contractors may get paid as much as $75 an hour.

Continuing your career as a welding inspector can lead to bigger and better opportunities. As you grow, companies will be more willing to pay you a higher income.

The Certification

Becoming a certified welder is a huge accomplishment. It is a validation that you have to proper knowledge and experience to uphold welding guidelines and standards.

Once you pass your exams, you have successfully demonstrated that you have welding knowledge in the specific profession you want to go into. Compared to those without a certification, you have an edge.

A certification can help you reach new levels and prepare you for looking into better opportunities. CWI job prospects increase, which gives you a better chance to make a good living.

In the United States, welding certification is accepted. Even some of the biggest industrial companies throughout the world accept these certifications. Certifications are required by some companies to ensure welding quality stays high.

Through CWI training, you can feel good about beginning a career in the craft industry.

The Benefits

Although non-contractor work pays less, not traveling is a deal-breaker for some. Those with families are better off taking the $35 per hour instead of opting for higher pay. You can also benefit from having consistent work.

Those working in-house for a company often get benefits. This could include dental insurance, health insurance, and a $401k. All of these things combined easily make up the difference in pay between contractor and non-contractor work.

The Travel

Why become a certified welding inspector that does contract work? You get to travel, of course! Those who crave an adventurous lifestyle will have the perfect opportunity to travel the country, and maybe even the world, by becoming a certified welding inspector.

This professional route involves travel as one moves between different contracts. For some, seeing so much of the country is the best part of the job.

Those willing to work in tougher situations can almost double their salaries. This often involves contract work and traveling. These jobs are also best for those who have a specific skill set.

The Work

Welding jobs are hands-on, which is great for those who experienced these types of projects when they were younger. Even if you weren’t building blocks as a child, this path could still be right for you. Welding is a place where you can grow and explore your creative side.

With the hands-on training, you can learn the job through experience. A welding career is rewarding and fun at the same time.

The People

In any industry, you should meet people that will change your world forever. This is no different when you become a welding inspector.

The industry itself is diverse. If you travel as a contractor, you get to experience even more of that diversity.

Meeting new people is more than a chance to make an acquaintance or friend, it’s an opportunity to learn something new. Another certified welding inspector may have different expertise to teach you.

The Learning Experience

There aren’t many jobs that allow you to grow at the pace you desire. As a certified welder inspector, you have the opportunity to dabble in other areas. Being in this industry involves constantly learning and growing into a polished professional.

You’ll never feel like you have nothing else to learn when you take a job in the welding industry. After years in the industry, you may feel knowledgeable to start your own welding business.

This is a great move for those who believe they have more to offer the industry. In fact, a lot of welders end up opening their own businesses. Those who specialize in specific types of welding have more to offer, as they can work on projects of higher demand.

Starting a Career as a Certified Welding Inspector

If you’ve been considering a career as a certified welding inspector, we hope this guide has convinced you. There are many aspects of the job that make the hard work and certification worth it in the end. Now is the time to begin your career in welding!

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